Coming from Random House January 17, 2017.

A debut novel about two women’s transformative college friendship and artistic partnership, and the ways in which it continues to be the most important force in their lives, for good and for bad, ten years later.

“Every artist must come from somewhere; this is something you try to outrun, even as home fuels the creative engine. The Animators is a novel about a pair of cartoonists, but it’s also about the complexity of creative friendship, about balance and jealousy, growing into yourself and living with your talent and trying to actually, impossibly get along in this cracked and unjust world. The result is unapologetic and raucous and compulsively readable; it is potato chip friendly, and deeply, generously, wise.” Charles Bock, author of Alice & Oliver

“An engrossing, exuberant ride through all the territories of love—familial, romantic, sexual, love of friends, and perhaps above all, white-hot passion for the art you were born to make. I wish I’d written The Animators.” Emma Donoghue, author of Room and Frog Music